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DVD: Sully — ‘An engaging feature’

DVD: Sully — ‘An engaging feature’

DVD: Sully — ‘An engaging feature’
April 14
20:50 2017

Directed by Clint Eastwood, 2016

Warner Bros

Tom Hanks plays Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who in 2009 landed a plane on the Hudson River following multiple engine failure, saving the lives of all 155 souls on board.

Clint Eastwood’s engaging feature suggests that the so-called “miracle on the Hudson” was more down to the split-second calculations made by the pilot than divine intervention.

Despite being feted as a hero, however, Sully is investigated by transport authorities who claim he took the highest risk option.

Hanks is strong as a man simultaneously blessed with humility and an unshakeable confidence in his skill as a pilot. Eastwood directs the main event with virtuosity while sustaining interest in the inquiry that follows, though even at 96 minutes the film feels encumbered by extraneous filler (flashbacks, visions).

Still, as someone says: “It’s been a while since New York had news this good. Especially with an aeroplane in it”.

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