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Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade hybrid show car has 404bhp

Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade hybrid show car has 404bhp

Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade hybrid show car has 404bhp
May 23
23:15 2017

One-off Golf GTI show car for Worthersee features an electric motor for the rear wheels, while GTE Estate Impulse has longer electric range

2017-05-24 00:01

Volkswagen has announced two one-off show cars that will go on display at the annual ‘Worthersee GTI treffen’ (Wörthersee GTI meeting) in Austria. The first car is a 404bhp version of the Golf GTI called the Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade and featuring a hybrid powertrain consisting of a powerful petrol engine and a small electric motor powering the rear wheels. 

The engine up front powers the front wheels as normal while the rear motor has about 17bhp to drive the rear wheels and power the car at slow speeds around town in fully electric mode. The batteries providing its power are recharded via regenerative braking. You can set the Golf GTI First Decade to be front-drive, rear-drive or all-wheel drive via a tablet or smartphone app displayed on the in-car infotainment system.

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The striking blue livery is the first thing you’ll notice about the Golf GTI First Decade, including the bonnet stripes and gloss black honeycomb grille. There’s also a Clubsport spoiler on the back, 20-inch alloy wheels plus ’10’ and ‘First Decade’ badges that indicate this is the 10th Worthersee show car from the brand. This and all the previous Worthersee specials were and devised and built by Volkswagen apprentices.

On the inside there are only two seats, although they’re pretty hi-tech and can be controlled via an app – with a massage function and electric adjustment. Some matching colours from the livery and First Decade badges finish off the cabin, though audiophiles will also be impressed by the huge 1,690-watt sound system with 11 speakers.

The other show car at this year’s show is the Golf GTE Estate Impulse, which features similar livery to the GTI in the more practical body style. The batteries from the GTE have been upgraded from 8.8kWh to 18.8kWh, doubling the car’s all-electric range.

Previously Volkswagen’s Worthersee show cars haven’t made it to production, but it’s possible that the powerful 2.0-litre engine in the GTI and the uprated batteries in the GTE will make it to future road cars.

What do you think of the two VW Golf specials? Let us know in the comments…

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