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Car2go adds Mercedes-Benz to its New York City fleet

Car2go adds Mercedes-Benz to its New York City fleet

Car2go adds Mercedes-Benz to its New York City fleet
December 05
17:07 2017

“Initially we only had 50 in the fleet, as we wanted to take time to measure members’ reactions,” Moskowitz said. Now the fleet is more than three times that, with 180 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Members of the service either pay by the minute or purchase hourly packages, using a smartphone to find, reserve and rent nearby cars. Registration requires a valid driver’s license and a credit card. While there is a registration fee of $5, car2go gives new drivers $10 of free drive time. The smarts cost 41 cents per minute while the Mercedes cost 47 cents per minute.

A vehicle rental is ended by finding legal, unmetered parking in the home area — which is currently limited to Brooklyn and Queens. Car2go does not have plans to expand that home area because the company “wants to ensure we provide reliable service,” Moskowitz said.

The Daimler subsidiary also has a “good, solid relationship” with the city’s Transportation Department, according to Moskowitz. But parking still remains one of the sticklers for expansion, especially when it comes to providing airport access. While cities like Austin, Texas, and Seattle have car2go airport parking, the company has not been able to negotiate access at New York’s LaGuardia or Kennedy airports.

“It’s been a huge hit” in other cities, Moskowitz said. “Airport access is something we need to dust off and take another look at.”

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