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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women — ‘touching and tender’

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women — ‘touching and tender’

March 26
20:16 2018

Directed by Angela Robinson, 2017


In two words: who knew? It seems the history of the comic-book character Wonder Woman is a tangled and fascinating affair.

A Harvard professor of psychology, his brilliant wife, and a beautiful young student who beguiles them both, form an apparently equilaterally triangular relationship. Out of this curious ménage emerges Professor Marston’s creation: the proto-feminist heroine Wonder Woman who, as well as fighting crime, also has a taste for various kinds of restraint.

Everyone involved is of course unaccountably gorgeous in a film that truncates a long and complex story briskly and zestily. The result is touching and tender.

Oh, and along the way, the lie-detector is invented. Who knew?


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