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Ingrid Goes West — ‘lies inevitably unravel’

Ingrid Goes West — ‘lies inevitably unravel’

March 28
08:27 2018

Directed by Matt Spicer, 2017


Matt Spicer picks the most punchable of punch bags — millennials — for this well-timed black comedy.

Aubrey Plaza plays Ingrid, a social media stalker who cashes in her inheritance and heads to LA in pursuit of her latest obsession: peppy, pretty “influencer” Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), whose charmed life she hopes to emulate.

Instagram seeps into the film’s every facet: narrated captions; posts popping up on screen; even the dreamy wash of Californian sunshine evoking a flattering filter. However, it’s not long before Ingrid’s West Coast adventure descends into something darker as her lies inevitably unravel.

There are pointed observations and witty moments amid the overplayed millennial mockery (avo toast and selfies abound). Yet the final takeaway — that our online selves are often just careful constructions — falls short of revelation.


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