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Mark Zuckerberg Goes to Congress

Mark Zuckerberg Goes to Congress

Mark Zuckerberg Goes to Congress
April 11
21:38 2018

Mark Zuckerberg’s two-day marathon of Congressional testimony was more exhausting than exhaustive.
The Facebook chief executive officer fielded questions from roughly 100 legislators in the House and Senate about his company’s data policies, business practices and, more specifically, about how it responded after learning that researcher Aleksandr Kogan handed user data to Cambridge Analytica.
After nearly five hours of testimony, the first day’s primary takeaway was that most of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committee has no fundamental idea how Facebook works. A large portion of the inquiries focused on basics. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) asked how the social giant makes money — “Senator, we run ads,” Zuckerberg stated — and several officials admonished the company for selling off people’s data. (It doesn’t do that, according to the ceo.)
In another notable moment, Sen. John Kennedy (R., La.) blurted out that the platform’s user agreement “sucked,” then rattled off ways Facebook could improve its data privacy policy — all of which the company already does, the ceo said.
On Wednesday, the House took up a thread that began in the Senate hearing: If thousands of people work on security and privacy (the Facebook workforce devoted to the area is set to expand to 20,000 people

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