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WWD Beauty CEO Summit: 12 Key Takeaways

WWD Beauty CEO Summit: 12 Key Takeaways

WWD Beauty CEO Summit: 12 Key Takeaways
May 15
23:12 2018

You can’t try to be cool — but you can try to be relevant.
That was one of the key takeaways at the WWD Beauty CEO Summit at the Breakers in West Palm Beach, Fla. New beauty authorities like Mazdack Rassi, founder of Milk Makeup and Marianna Hewitt shared advice on using social media in as native a way as a content creator or influencer would.
“Companies don’t create great ideas, people do,” Rassi said, noting that the edgy Milk Studios community feeds the Milk Makeup brand, and that’s what the company uses to hit trends instead of Harvard MBA-holding forecasters. “Our community is where trends are born,” Rassi said. “They don’t research them, they create them.”
For Hewitt, who with Summer Fridays co-chief executive officer Lauren Gores Ireland have about one million combined Instagram followers, access to that community serves as both a sounding board and a customer. “A lot of us [influencers] are realizing we know how to market a product. We’ve tested and tried everything, we know what we like and don’t like. We’ve never needed to pay for a focus group because our one million followers tell us what they like,” Hewitt said.
According to Facebook’s Karin Tracy, head of industry,

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