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Snapshot: ‘Union’ by Noel Bowler

Snapshot: ‘Union’ by Noel Bowler

July 07
13:25 2018

Through the window of an empty wood-panelled office, Washington’s Capitol Dome can be seen jutting out from behind a cluster of trees. In another image from the same series, a chandelier hangs over two long meeting tables, drawing the eye towards a Polish coat of arms mounted on the wall.

Noel Bowler is a documentary photographer interested in exploring the drama of social spaces. He travelled through 14 countries for his series Union, which sets the still interiors of trade union buildings against portraits of union leaders.

Although Bowler captures his meeting spaces in moments of quiet, the whisperings of conversations past still seem to hang in the air. “Even the furniture seems dramatic and overthought,” he said in a recent interview, “perhaps burdened under the weight of its own responsibilities.”

Trade Unions Forum, Poland © Noel Bowler
Union of Polish Teachers © Noel Bowler
Executive Committee Meetings Hall © Noel Bowler
Union of Polish Teachers © Noel Bowler

‘Union’ is showing at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, from July 5 until September 22

‘Union’ by Noel Bowler is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and Culture Ireland

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