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Bodega: Endless Scroll — ‘metronomic post-punk songs’

Bodega: Endless Scroll — ‘metronomic post-punk songs’

July 08
01:27 2018

Fears about the amount of time we spend staring at screens unite traditionalists and Young Turks alike. Bodega are in the latter camp, a wittily sardonic outfit from Brooklyn whose anti-tech screeds take aim at the hollowness of modern life — a complaint that, with a few twists in phrasing and music, could equally be uttered by the most dyed-in-the-wool folk purists.

Bodega frame their malaise in metronomic post-punk songs whose repetitive mechanics both mimic and redeem the stultifying conformity of the technologically determined work-and-leisure lifestyle from which the band recoil. It is not exactly the worst set of problems facing the world today, not even that corner of it inhabited by Brooklynite bohemians, but Endless Scroll makes diverting play with its themes of alienation and consumerism.

Produced by the Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown, the music has a hypnotic drive, as though getting to the nub of the matter: “Truth Is Not Punishment”, as one song title has it. Clever lyrics, as in the art-as-business satire of “Warhol”, are chanted or intoned in hard-boiled New York fashion. The mood is at once spiky and catchy, as though competing with those damnably addictive screens.


Endless Scroll’ is released by What’s Yr Rupture?

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