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On digital: Game Night — enjoyably daft

On digital: Game Night — enjoyably daft

July 09
13:33 2018

Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, 2018


Games involving shoot-outs are currently all the rage — but in this enjoyably daft comedy caper, they take a turn even more violent than an encounter with Colombia.

Jason Bateman plays Hollywood’s idea of an ordinary schmo — married to Rachel McAdams, drives a souped-up sedan. Both are hypercompetitive, but routinely upstaged by his high-achieving brother (Kyle Chandler), who resolves to take their evenings of genteel gaming “up a notch” and promptly sets off a night riddled with mayhem. Jenga and Scrabble are replaced by Uzis and cudgels. Action set-pieces are straight out of the 1980s playbook — slapstick trashing of mansions, high-speed chases punctuated by rapid-fire repartee.

It’s all as ludicrous as it is ludic and about as intellectually demanding as tiddlywinks.


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