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On digital: In the Fade — a gripping watch

On digital: In the Fade — a gripping watch

August 27
15:33 2018

Directed by Fatih Akin, 2017

Curzon Artificial Eye

The looming threat of the far-right shapes the storyline of this drama starring Diane Kruger — her first German-language role, for which she won Cannes’s Best Actress award last year.

Kruger plays Katja, whose world is shattered when her husband and son are killed in a nail bomb attack, with neo-Nazis the suspected culprits. Cue a courtroom saga that sees Katja faced with her family’s killers, yet somehow put on trial herself.

Kruger exudes a palpable emotional intensity as she embodies the stages of grief: sorrow, rage — and then revenge. Yet the film’s commitment to capturing the pain of its protagonist comes at the expense of other elements — its villains lack nuance while cinematography, score and script are at times trite and melodramatic.

Still, this remains a gripping watch, with moments of thrilling suspense and a stellar lead performance.


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