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September 15
16:24 2018 kicked off London Fashion Week with the launch of its exclusive collection with Marine Serre at the retailer’s new Mayfair townhouse. The capsule collection featured a series of print leggings and matching tops, as well as dresses made by up-cycling old shirts dyed in different colorways.

“The idea behind that was to create a red carpet dress in which you feel quite comfortable,” the designer told WWD. “The dresses have pockets and a zipper in the back that is sport and surf-inspired.”


Ulric Jerome and Marine Serre 
Darren Gerrish

Serre, who won the 2017 LVMH Prize in 2017, unveiled her collection with an installation she created with her friend and long-time collaborator Tanguy Poujol for Kristin Lambert Studios that occupied the ground floor of the town house. Featured were vintage sports equipment found on eBay and recycled exercise machines that give a nod to her fall collection titled “Manic Soul Machine,” which were used as a platform to showcase the collection.

“We made a hybrid version of what you want to experience in shops today because you always have these weird installations that no one understands, so we wanted to create something that I think is fun and funny, which I think it is,” Serre explained.

Guests nibbled on tomato ravioli, star anise-infused carrot cream, tomato broth and beluga lentil taboulé prepared by Etienne Auguste of La Cuisine Sauvage, another friend of the designer’s.

Serre’s capsule collection will be on view at the town house until Sept. 19. For those who only want a small taste of the brand, head to the first floor, where bespoke vending machines carry T-shirts, compact mirrors and other small items created by the French designer.

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