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On digital: Generation Wealth / Ocean’s 8

On digital: Generation Wealth / Ocean’s 8

October 13
17:46 2018

Greed is good — for the camera at least. Lauren Greenfield has made a career of documenting excess in photographs and films such as Kids + Money and The Queen of Versailles.

The latest, Generation Wealth, suggests a dissection of conspicuous consumption in the age of Instagram. It begins well. She has the subjects to fit her subject: a disgraced hedge-fund fat-cat now re-investing in his soul; an ex-LA It girl turned hippy; a former porn star returned to working for the minimum wage. But the film’s scope keeps widening, the focus less clear. Greenfield herself has an embarrassment of riches: a recurring image is of her standing before vast expanses of her photographs.

How will she marshal all these disparate elements? Answer: she won’t. Instead she begins to see her own flaws reflected in the shiny baubles of wealth, and gets lost in them. A cautionary tale about the dangers of excess ends up becoming a casualty of it.


The women of Ocean’s 8 have no such qualms. They have hearts and eyes set on a collection of gems that would make Liz Taylor blush in this glitzy sequel that sees the Ocean’s series not so much rebooted as reheeled in luxury stilettos.

Sandra Bullock has a ball leading a band of light-fingered sisters, and as dumb fun it just about qualifies, but the gender swap amounts to little more than a game of anything-you-can-do.

Feminism is bringing a welcome fresh perspective to many movies; this one smacks of a studio burying a dead horse just to flog a dead mare instead.


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