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WWD CEO Summit: Meshing All the Data

WWD CEO Summit: Meshing All the Data

WWD CEO Summit: Meshing All the Data
November 01
06:24 2018

The 2018 WWD Apparel and Retail CEO Summit came to a close Tuesday in front of a sold-out audience in downtown Manhattan. The day’s speakers touched on key facets of customer retention, the evolution of content and the utilization of data.
Rice on Building Loyalty

Julie Rice at the WWD Apparel and Retail CEO Summit. 
Patrick MacLeod/WWD

For Julie Rice, partner in WeWork and cofounder of SoulCycle, innovation is an overused word. “We spend so much time as business leaders talking about innovation. What does it mean to us? Some people might say it’s about setting the trends, being first, creating the next big thing. There are a million different definitions and to be honest with you, the word is overused and it can mean anything,” Rice said during her presentation.
“Eight years ago, innovation was social. Five years ago, innovation was content. Three years ago, innovation was data and ironically each of these things is just about knowing and communicating with our customers…There is no doubt that we need to continue to create new things. The world is moving faster than ever and digital and physical progress are imperative. Customers have evolved and here is the thing: With all of us spending hours of

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