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On digital: Columbus / Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 / Westworld Season 2

On digital: Columbus / Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 / Westworld Season 2

November 30
19:49 2018

Debut film-maker Kogonada puts the house back into arthouse with Columbus, an exquisitely fashioned story of fleeting love and dazzling architecture.

Casey has left high school but cannot leave her addictive mother; Jin has long since fled the nest but has returned to await news of his hospitalised professor father. The Indiana town where their paths meet just happens to be studded with modernist masterpieces.

At first these edifices seem as cold and oppressive as the Milanese blocks in Antonioni’s La Notte but gently Kogonada and his leads turn up the thermostat. John Cho chain-smokes and exudes laconic charm like a Korean-American Bogart while Haley Lu Richardson’s kind, open face radiates enough warmth to heat an open-plan expanse. And there are plenty of those.

At times the framing the buildings provide is so perfect it feels contrived; at others the geometry seems to underline both the constraints the characters face and the new horizons that are opening up. A shot when the sound drops away and the camera silently takes in Casey smiling and talking beautifully captures the feeling of being mesmerised by someone for the first time. It’s just one perfectly constructed wonder in a film full of them.


Meanwhile on the boxset front, two major series that echo contemporary concerns reach the sophomore mark.

Elisabeth Moss descends deeper into misogynist hell in The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 2 while AI continues to run rampant in Westworld Season 2: The Door.

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