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FT Weekend Quiz: George Clooney, Theresa May and EM Forster

FT Weekend Quiz: George Clooney, Theresa May and EM Forster

December 22
08:45 2018

All the answers here are linked in some way. Once you’ve spotted the link, any you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. What was EM Forster’s first novel?
  2. © George Frey/Getty Images

    Who founded the Mormon church (above)?

  3. What was the Daily Worker newspaper renamed in 1966?
  4. What’s the fifth word of Psalm 23?
  5. Which brand of rum has the white ensign flag on the label?
  6. Who was the mother of James I?
  7. Which Nineties TV sitcom was set in the offices of GlobeLink News?
  8. Which hotel chain did Lenny Henry begin advertising in 2008?
  9. Which three-word phrase did Theresa May use 12 times in her first speech of the 2017 general election campaign — and, to increasing mockery, dozens of times a day after that?
  10. Which satirical film of 1999 starred George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube as soldiers at the end of the first Gulf war?

Click here for the answers

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