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Snapshot: Hayahisa Tomiyasu: Fuchs/TTP | Financial Times

Snapshot: Hayahisa Tomiyasu: Fuchs/TTP | Financial Times

December 23
08:47 2018

Japanese photographer Hayahisa Tomiyasu explores the varying uses of a tischtennisplatte — or ping-pong table — through a series of photographs captured in the German city of Leipzig.

Tomiyasu started taking the pictures in 2011, and continued his observations over the course of five years, chronicling the table’s changing uses. In the summer, it serves as a shelter from the sun; in the winter, it becomes a dance floor for the lone figure who balances atop it in the snow.

The images were all taken from Tomiyasu’s one-time student flat and explore the varying ways in which people inhabit the spaces around them, and the continual repurposing of an unremarkable object in an unremarkable corner of a German city.

‘Hayahisa Tomiyasu: Fuchs/TTP’ is at POST, Tokyo, to January 13

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