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FT Weekend Quiz: ‘Killing Eve’, Rod Stewart and ‘The Big Sleep’

FT Weekend Quiz: ‘Killing Eve’, Rod Stewart and ‘The Big Sleep’

January 04
21:25 2019

All the answers here are linked in some way. Once you’ve spotted the link, any you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. The Pacific Park amusement park is in which California city?
  2. The song “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” is from which Rodgers and Hart musical, based on short stories by John O’Hara?
  3. The most popular route up which British mountain begins at the visitor centre in Achintee?
  4. Which female radio DJ’s brother was Keith Chegwin?
  5. © Warner Bros/Getty Images

    Whose first novel was 1939’s The Big Sleep (above)?

  6. Who created the TV series Killing Eve?
  7. Who first described what are now known as the five stages of grief?
  8. In 2002, which German anatomist performed the first public autopsy in Britain for 170 years to a sellout audience of 500?
  9. Which model and actor was Rod Stewart’s second wife?
  10. © Robert Alexander/Getty Images

    In 1917, who created and exhibited “Fountain” (above) — a men’s urinal — which in 2004 a poll of 500 critics voted “the most influential artwork of the 20th century”?

Click here for the answers

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